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Panthea Act 2 [Android]

Casey is returning! After losing her job, she's in a predicament with her housing situation, which she shares with her friend Lena. In an attempt to stabilize her circumstances, Casey secures a position as a waitress at the Storage bar. However, what challenges and experiences lie ahead for her at this new job, will be revealed only when you lend her your support on her journey.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.5.3)
Lana got a voice, all scenes with Lana are voiced now;
Voicing for Tuna and Lana added into general and story dialogs;
Tommy redesigned in dialogs and scenes to clearly look sapient,  talk.
In total 3 new scenes are added: Lana&Jack&Tommy, Tuna Threesome 2, Jackie’s Wednesdays (see descriptions below)
Lana & Jack phone scene is expanded. When Lana is naughty and openly flirting with Jack, Tommy can now join basically with 100% chance every call (I need to come up with some trigger here, but I can’t right now) – Lana will have an option to shoo him away (default) or stay silent (need any of the perks Moist Panties or Wet Pussy). In second case Tommy stays and scene will have 2 variants – Jack drops from the call (the day time is in between 8:00-21:00) and Lana could have her funs with Tommy; or Jack stays and they can have a some party time.
Tuna Threesome 2 scene is implemented – the event will start after Vault Special is introduced automatically in the end of Casey’s shift. Required parameters are following: 1) Dough has enough bonus points for Vault Special; 2) Tuna is at work this day; 3) Arnie is in Vault; The scene will start from Tuna & Arnie & Dough and will directly lead into the scene. Later on the scene can be triggered by talking to Dave in the end of shift if Dough has enough bonus points collected.
Tuna Threesome 2 scene voicing completed;
Jackie’s schedule changed, ’empty grocery’ state added on Wednesdays 8:00-10:00AM.
“Jackie wants a placard!” event added, following the re-occurrent scene “Jackie’s Wednesday’s” in Lana and Casey variants.
After completing “Jackie wants a placard!” event Lana starts working at Grocery on Sundays and Mondays, earning 15$ a day (either active or passive income).
Initial ‘Lana works at Grocery’ comics added.
Otto is now in the Grocery after 20:00.
Added voicing some phrases for Casey and Jackie.
Added full voicing for Jackie scene.
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