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Pale Carnations [Android]

Ch. 4 Update 4
Become immersed in the role of a studious pre-med student whose life is dramatically turned upside down by the seductive pull of an old friend on the decline. You find yourself employed at the Carnation Club, where you must face a myriad of harsh erotic challenges and intimate encounters. As you delve into this world, you are confronted with a choice: succumb to the violent desires that the club’s opulence and decadence awaken within you, or resist, possibly finding love that could inspire you to abandon the immoral operations of the brothel.

"Pale Carnations" offers a rich tapestry of overlapping narratives where you guide the fate of three women vying for the coveted top prize within the brothel’s competitive landscape. Explore the hidden machinations and political intrigue of the backroom, while juggling the complex social existence of a man struggling with his primal tendencies.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 4 Update 4)
-2,642 new statics images
-94 new videos
-59,666 words added to the script
-6 new scenes added to the gallery (split between Hana, Rosalind, Felicia, Mina, and Lucy)
-8 new musical tracks
-New scene replay gallery
-New main menu
-Time stamps have been added to the save/load screens
-Lots of transition screens got reworked with better lighting
-Updated exit menu
Rating: 9.1/10
421 votes
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