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Pact With A Witch [Android]

When your best friend and roommate attempts to assault Neus, a highly reserved student from the design school, you intervene just in time. In her defense, Neus bites him, and you soon realize that this bite was more than an act of resistance—it carried a spell that gradually transforms your roommate into a woman. With each day that passes, she not only forgets more of her previous life but also starts developing feelings for you. Desperate to help your friend, you strike a deal with Neus: in exchange for four dates with her, she agrees to revert your buddy to his original male self on the final night. All seems to go according to plan when she appears to uphold her end of the bargain, yet you can't shake the feeling that Neus has darker secrets she's yet to reveal.

"Pact With A Witch"

Project QT
Changelog (v00.18.06)
This PREMIUM version is still a TEST for the BDSM part at the DUNGEON with Hiromi, the friend of Meritxell (The blonde busty woman). Buttons just change visuals, no stats, and not translated in english.
A lot of new images in that BDSM part.
Images of the guys at the beach where Didac leaves you.
Rating: 8/10
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