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Overlord H [Android]

Overlord H is an interactive visual novel featuring 3D imagery, created using Ren'Py software. It serves as a satirical adaptation of the Overlord anime and light novel series. While it tracks the original narrative, the game emphasizes erotic content and grants players decision-making power that can either introduce adult-oriented scenes or diverge the storyline in alternate directions.

Fundamentally, Overlord H functions as a sandbox-style game. Unlike typical entries in this genre, players can easily navigate without the need for guides or walkthroughs.

The game employs minimalist overhead maps for navigation, which exclude detailed decorations and instead utilize bright, interactive tokens. These tokens are easy to spot and activate with a cursor hover.

Notably, the token representing the character Momonga provides clear guidance for advancing through the main story. As of Release 22, the game includes content equivalent to nearly three seasons or eight volumes of the original series.

Players experience Overlord H from a first-person perspective, aiming to dominate the world, with the methods and strategies for achieving this left to the player's discretion.

Currently, in Release 22, only the Re-Estize Kingdom region is explorable. Future updates plan to expand the game's universe to include locations such as Demiurge's farm in the Abelion Hills and a new, separate kingdom carved out from the Re-Estize Kingdom.

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