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Nudist School [Android]

You find yourself unexpectedly enrolled in an all-girls academy, the very one where your childhood friend attends. Your presence there is a mystery; perhaps an administrative blunder, or could there be more to your arrival than meets the eye? This institution is not just any school—it boasts outstanding facilities and is held in high regard for its academic excellence.

Yet, there is a peculiar twist: the government regularly assigns unconventional projects to the school, and the latest initiative requires students and staff to adopt a nudist lifestyle. Embark on a unique journey as you navigate this new way of life alongside your classmates and educators. Will you adapt seamlessly to this radical change, or will it lead to chaotic outcomes?

Embark on this interactive adventure to experience the ramifications of nudism in an academic environment and uncover whether this bold experiment will succeed or fail spectacularly. The story unfolds in the game—delve in to discover where this intriguing scenario leads you.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.14)
New content :
-Romance with Olivia, (Lena romance will be postpone to next update as there are too many animations to be done
-Olivia yoga scene completed!
-115 new renders!
-About 800 lines of words
– 10 new animation
Rating: 8.9/10
269 votes
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