Nothing Is Forever [Android] Download

Nothing Is Forever [Android]

An ambitious young psychology graduate secures his ideal position as a sexologist, with a promising future on the horizon. However, his career aspirations come crashing down when a moment of indiscretion jeopardizes everything he has worked for. Now riddled with remorse and uncertainty, he seeks to rebuild his life. Confronted with his personal demons, he must choose the path to becoming the person he aspires to be. With his expertise in psychology, he navigates the complexities of various romantic entanglements he encounters, including an old flame with lingering emotions, an assertive personal trainer from his gym, a deeply introverted college student concealing a hidden longing, and a woman who is strictly taboo. In the process, he must confront the critical question: Will he fall prey to past errors, or will he learn from them and move forward?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.0)
– ~8000 lines of dialogue;
– ~650 renders
– ~30 animations
Rating: 9/10
197 votes
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