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Neko Paradise [Android]

"Neko Paradise is a complimentary open-world adult game that features an array of Neko Girls to suit various preferences, complete with a distinctive animated character interface and an abundance of animations. The game provides a variety of Neko characters, allowing players to pursue romantic engagements at their discretion.

You have a history of going on fishing trips with your father until a fateful stormy day managed to separate you and sweep you off your boat. Post this disastrous event, you find yourself waking up on an unfamiliar island. It is here that you encounter a stunning individual, whom you eventually marry and with whom you start a family, having a daughter. The accident, however, has caused a lapse in your memory, leaving you with gaps in your recollection of past events.

Embark on a journey to explore the island and unravel its hidden mysteries!"

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.17)

New location in the city, ‘Bakery’
Events for 4 new characters, Theobroma, Pudding, Grace and Meeki
New events for some other characters and expanded dialogs
Added 3 new wallpapers.
16 new animations and over 300 new images.
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