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Nano-Control [Android]

Having recently relocated to Little Eden due to your father's military deployment, you find yourself in a town devoid of modern comforts—no television, no internet, and zero phone reception. Just when it seemed like your situation couldn't get any bleaker, an unexpected encounter with a stranger offers you the chance to change your fortunes and perhaps carve out your very own piece of heaven.

Game Experience:
- Experience four distinct times of the day: morning, afternoon, evening, and night, each offering unique events.
- Engage in peaceful gameplay with no combat.
- Take on part-time jobs to earn money for purchasing necessities.
- Identify individuals you can influence and train them to extend your control.
- Balance your time between training individuals and earning money.
- Undertake mini-quests to acquire essential items needed for your agenda.
- Navigate your way to one of four different endings, with six female characters currently part of the story.
- Enjoy visuals rendered in beautiful 2D art.

Key Characters:

Rika's mother, she is a stern yet kind-hearted woman who moved to Little Eden due to her husband’s occupation in the military.

A lively and helpful girl in your class, Kay is always willing to lend a hand to others, even though she can sometimes be a bit scatterbrained.

The intelligent and slightly arrogant daughter of Elaine, who is a part of your academic circle.

Rika's new friend and classmate. Despite their recent acquaintance, they appear to have a tight bond. Gwen is notably shy in her interactions.

The woman living next door, a housewife who carries herself with grace and sophistication.

A new student at your school who arrived shortly after you did, Jace comes across as somewhat aloof and hard to reach.

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