My Future Wife [Android] Download

My Future Wife [Android]

Are you a believer in the concept of time travel? If skepticism defines your stance, allow me to share a tale that might just sway your thoughts. Picture this: I was 18, a senior in high school, seemingly ordinary, yet I harbored an extraordinary secret—I possessed the ability to glimpse 30 seconds ahead in time. The origin of this power was as bewildering to me as the power itself; it manifested during an intimate moment of self-discovery. My vision into the future would activate when I fixed my gaze on something—I remember once focusing intently on the risqué scenes of an adult film—I foresaw an imminent interruption by my mom bursting in unannounced.

However, this short leap into the near future wasn't a ticket to easy victories; it was far too brief to cheat on exams or win the lottery. Then, one day, my classmate Ha-Young Kim approached me with curiosity in her eyes, questioning her potential future as a singer. I offered encouragement, attempting to maintain a cool demeanor. Yet, when our eyes locked for a few moments, an unexpected vision hit me—I saw seven years into the future where Ha-Young was not just a star, but also my spouse. Yet it struck me, the future is delicate, easily altered by even the tiniest of errors.

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