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My Dorm [Android]

Upon returning home from college, a man named Mark—a name that can be altered—discovers that his father has absconded to the Caribbean with his lover, having embezzled funds from his job for years and leaving his former girlfriend penniless at home. Mark is now faced with the challenge of transforming the family residence into a housing arrangement for college students while rekindling bonds with acquaintances from his hometown, which he had left behind to attend college elsewhere.

The narrative follows Mark as he navigates the complexities of reawakening past connections and forging new ones. The player will guide Mark's decisions regarding which women he will pursue relationships with. The current version of the story introduces 15 women with whom Mark has had prior interactions; future installments will bring additional women into the narrative, both from his past and new acquaintances, providing opportunities for developing further relationships.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.14.2 P2 Ch.2.2)
Table of contents
Continuation of Samantha/Simone scene (for those of you who got a cliffhanger).
Pool lewd scenes (Norah+Erika, or Norah, or Erika… or the three scenes through a “what if?” menu). A small surprise in the individual paths (you can play them even if you are in the combined path).
Chat with Saira.
To the beach!
Truth or Dare game (those girls don’t learn).
Long beach scene (or a lot of small scenes). Some secrets come to light.
Christmas in Summer lunch and narrator spoilers.
Visit Maddie.
Teaser for the next update.
Technical information
26,453 words in English (662 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
24,813 words in Spanish (554 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,089 dialogue lines (269 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,003 still images (460 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
26 Animations (3 less than the biggest update (v.0.9A))
2,196 Animated frames (651 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))
4,199 Total renders (1,395 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))
Rating: 8.8/10
384 votes
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