My Bully Is My Lover [Android] Download

My Bully Is My Lover [Android]

As the protagonist Kei, whose name you’re free to alter, you embody a young man haunted by the past, particularly the sting of rejection from a girl he once confessed to during his high school years. Determined to overcome the ghosts of his past, you've tirelessly reshaped your appearance, journeying through incredible trials.

Once set on retribution, maturity brings the realization that vengeance is a path of folly, prompting Kei to abandon such thoughts in favor of a peaceful life. This resolve is tested when, unexpectedly, the girl who once bullied him—and her friends—move into the rooms rented out by your unsuspecting landlady.

What begins as an unforeseen cohabitation leads to a discovery that promises to alter the course of your life. As you delve into poignant narratives that each character offers, you'll find yourself growing in unexpected ways, exploring depths of personal development and emotional maturity far beyond what you once thought possible.

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