My Brother’s Wife [Android] Download

My Brother’s Wife [Android]

Three years prior, following the death of Cole's parents, his older brother Alan, who took on the role of his legal guardian, made the decision to send him abroad for his education. During that time, the brothers saw very little of each other and, as a result, they share a distant relationship. Having now finished his studies at the renowned institution, Cole returns home, where he'll reside with Alan until he determines the direction of his future. Alan has since wed Jennifer, an amiable and attractive woman with whom Cole will be sharing a home. The dynamics of their shared living situation raise questions: Will Cole grow closer to his brother, or will he develop a bond with Alan's new wife, Jennifer? The decision lies with you!

Project QT
Changelog (v0.10.0)
– over 700 unique renderings
– over 800 animation frames in 26 videos, adding over 1 min 30 of animation in total.
-130 pages of dialog
Rating: 9.6/10
50 votes
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