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Mist [Android]

Your deepest desire is to find solace in your late grandfather's rustic mountain cabin, but your tranquility is abruptly disrupted as you find yourself enveloped by an eerie, dense fog. To compound the peril, sinister creatures of the shadows prowl the forest, threatening your safety. Amidst this chaos, there is a ray of hope: a girl has managed to escape the dangers and has become your companion in these trying times.

The stakes are elevated, and the struggle for survival is fierce, but you must persevere. Your quest is to survive, uncover the secrets behind these mysterious events, and build connections with the girls you encounter as you all navigate this fraught situation.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.3)
Removed typos. Hundreds of them. I’m not even kidding. Thanks to many people from the community like Mythril Leaf, Lone Ranger or Keless, to name a few, I managed to get rid of soooo many typos. And I think in the process I actually understood some grammar rules that I didn’t get until now.
Bugfixes. Not that many but a few important ones. Like a rare softlock that could occur in the tunnels and problems with the fishing system.
Adjusted Images. There were very few wrong images still in the game. Basically images from older versions that I’ve now changed. There were also a few images that needed some adjustements to their brightness, which I’ve also done.
Rating: 9.1/10
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