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Mate on Titan [Android]

You were transported to the world of Attack on Titan by a mysterious girl who revealed to you that the famous fictional tale actually transpired in reality and implored your assistance to lift her curse. To achieve this, she sent you back in time, where you found yourself inhabiting the body of Eren Yeager. Now, it's up to you to do everything within your power to protect the people in this realm. To aid you in this daunting task, the enigmatic girl bestowed upon you a peculiar ability that enhances your strength each time... you engage in intimate relations?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.9)
– New story events for Historia/Ymir, Petra and Hange
– New H-scenes for Ymir and Hange
– Small dialogues and scenes added/fixed.
– New location.
-Gallery added and journal got improved.
– Some sprites got improved
Rating: 8/10
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