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Manila Shaw: Blackmail’s Obsession [Android]

The main character in my game is Manila Shaw, a diligent and rule-abiding police officer who excels in her duties. Despite her professionalism, she consistently faces financial difficulties, particularly with affording her rent. An incident during a police operation at a convenience store captures the interest of an enigmatic man, setting her on a path that leads her into a realm rife with corruption and deceit, which promises to alter her life forever.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.37B)
Path of Justice (Justice stat higher than Corruption stat):

In the final battle (Justice path only), Manila will fight twice.
If she loses the second fight and has the “Nam” amulet:

The game will roll a d100 against Manila’s Corruption stat:

If the result is equal to or lower than Manila’s Corruption, you will see an animation (the seventh, also present in the Corruption path) and a “bad ending” (not yet completed) will be triggered.
If the Corruption check fails, a variant of the “good ending” will be triggered, leading to the same ending as the main “good ending”. This chance of winning the “good ending” in defeat is only possible with the “Nam” amulet.

If Manila wins both battles in the Justice path, you will get the main “good ending”.
Without “Nam,” the second defeat scene in the final battle is identical to the first defeat scene.

When you see the text “Quest Update”, at the end of the good ending, you will not see what to do next (it is long to explain, so I will skip it). I will write below what you need to do (the mission part that you will not see updated):

Take off your equipment (press the “Clear” button in the “Equip” menu).
Wash your face in the bathroom.

Warning: if you don’t remove your equipment, you could lose it permanently!
Path of Corruption:

There are no battles, but you will see 6 animations (without the “Nam” amulet) leading to a “bad ending” (not yet completed).
If you have the “Nam” amulet, after 6 animations, the game will roll a d100 against Manila’s Justice stat:

If the check succeeds (result equal to or lower than Justice), Manila will trigger a “good ending” that is a slight variation of the secondary “good ending” in the Justice path. This “good ending” also leads to the same ending as the main “good ending”.
If the check fails, Manila will see a seventh animation and the second “bad ending” (not yet completed).


Animations x 7
Battles x 4
There is a new relic called “Awen”.
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