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Lustworth Academy [Android]

The narrative centers on the rebellious teenager Jimmy Napkins, an outsider with a history of being kicked out of every school he's been to. The stakes are high for Jimmy: make it through his final year of school and outwit the new competitors he meets, and he could become the kingpin of his town. In this vivid graphic adventure teeming with risqué humor, poor taste puns, and bizarre tales, you take the helm as Jimmy. Face down the schoolyard bullies, deal with nagging teachers, orchestrate pranks, navigate romantic escapades, and ultimately learn how to overcome the trials and tribulations of the most disreputable prep school there is, Lustworth Academy. Jimmy must tread carefully to avoid finally landing in jail for his antics.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.40.1)
-Mystery Girl cutscenes, storyline and sex scenes reworked and improved.
-Added Jimmy new dialog sprites with casual clothes
-Added New Boys Dorm Hallway background
-Added New Boys Dorm Main Character Bedroom background
-Added New Boys Dorm Plaza background
-Improved Boys dorm backgrounds adding different crowds and looks during day times:
-Added new Pete Kowalski dialog sprites
-Added new Entrance Plaza background
-Added new Main Gate background
-Added New Girls Dorm Kiosk Background
-Added New Gym Plaza background
-Improved Spanish Class intro cutscenes and dialogs.
-Added new Alice and Mandy intro sprites
-Added New Miss Punny dialog sprites
-Added New Miss Punny Spanish class reward
-Added New Mr. Toord Gym class reward
-Added New Main Plot storyline cutscene (The Old Sage)
-Added Update warning to pin point the end of the new content.
-Added Gallery access in Main Menu and Preferences Menu (Everything is unlocked)
-Fixed some code issued with structure
-Fixed some bugs and typos
-Other stuff I don’t remember
Rating: 8.4/10
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