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Lustfulstudent [Android]

"Lustfulstudent" is an engaging adult visual novel featuring a protagonist named Mark who embarks on his university journey in a new city, carving out an independent life filled with fresh encounters, challenges, joys, and unexpected events. As you navigate the game, you'll appreciate the beautifully hand-drawn aesthetics of both the settings and the characters, which may feel familiar as they're inspired by various video game and anime universes.

The initial version of "Lustfulstudent" is currently ready for play in both English and Russian. Players can indulge in the artistry of the game, meet stunning characters, and if the game resonates with you, I invite you to support its ongoing development. With your backing, we can collectively enhance the gaming experience with even more content.

Looking ahead, there are numerous ideas I'm excited to bring to life, including additional scenes, a sprawling open world replete with various locations, an influx of new characters, and a captivating storyline. And what's more, you'll have the power to make choices and steer the fate of Mark, our main character, shaping his adventure as it unfolds.

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