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Lust Vessel [Android]

In the unfolding narrative, players guide the character Kate, a student pursuing a degree in literature, who wakes up in her cabin aboard the whimsical cruise liner "Fun Space Fun," owned by an extraterrestrial magnate lacking English proficiency. With no memory of the prior day's events and suffering from a splitting headache, Kate is thrust into an alarming reality as she discovers that a majority of her fellow passengers have succumbed to uncontrollable carnal desires.

As Kate sets out on her quest across the ship, her primary goal is to locate her closest friend, the one responsible for bringing her on this peculiar voyage. She aims to seek assistance and find a way off the pleasure-obsessed craft.

During her journey, Kate will encounter an array of vivid personalities, each with their own motives, some willing to aid in her endeavor, while others may pose obstacles. Players are at the helm of Kate's decisions, navigating her moral compass, and choosing whether to resist or yield to her growing temptations.

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