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Lust Campus [Android]

C3 Final
Alice has newly arrived in the bustling metropolis, carrying with her the aspiration to fulfill her father's dream. However, her journey is set to take unexpected turns as she encounters experiences beyond her imagination.

Step into the shoes of Alice in this tantalizing graphic novel rich with erotic adventures. As an architecture student, you'll navigate the trials and tribulations of campus life, replete with romance, sensual awakenings, and challenges. Your choices will dictate whether you reach your intended goals or perhaps stumble upon a completely different destiny.

Regardless of the path you choose, brace yourself for a journey interspersed with steamy, erotically charged encounters.

Get ready for a thrilling ride—it's guaranteed to be a delight!

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Project QT
Changelog (C3 Final)
Chapter 3 has 14 scenes:
-Scene 1: Half new (with more illustrations than the older version).
-Scene 2: Totally new (with illustrations).
-Scene 3: Old, but tweaked (with more illustrations than the older version).
-Scene 4: Old, but tweaked.
-Scene 5: Totally new.
-Scene 6: Old, but tweaked.
-Scene 7: Half new.
-Scene 8: Totally new with some bits of older scenes mixed in (with more illustrations than all Tom’s sex scenes of the older version and with animations).
-Scene 9: Totally new with illustrations.
-Scene 10: Totally new with illustrations.
-Scene 11: Totally new with illustrations.
-Scene 12: Half new (with more illustrations than the old version).
-Scene 13: Old, but tweaked.
-Scene 14: Totally new with illustrations.
Plus, there are 13 unlockable scenes in the gallery and a bunch of point-and-clicks! There is a lot of new content, brand new paths and new characters.
Rating: 9.6/10
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