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Lust Age [Android]

Greetings, young hopeful, and welcome to the realm of Lust Age! This is where you'll encounter a wide array of women eager to make your acquaintance (yes, really!). But wait, you might wonder, what exactly is Lust Age Keisi? I'm delighted that you're curious, hopeful!

Lust Age is a cost-free adult visual novel with elements of a dating simulation and sandbox gameplay, enriched with RPG components for an immersive experience.

Now, who might you be? Well, you're none other than yourself! Unleash your imagination and tailor your identity. Select from a variety of careers that not only shape your narrative but also offer unique, everlasting enhancements to your character's abilities.

Imagine yourself as an average Joe leading a humdrum existence (snooze alert!), alongside a slightly risqué buddy (now we're talking!). However, destiny holds an extraordinary twist for you. Step into the shoes of the next hero of Gold Valley, a land dominated by women who are all keen to greet the upcoming hopeful hero—namely, you! (So, where do I sign up to move in?) Win over the hearts of the residents and make them all swoon for you!

Lust Age

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.16.0)
– New content available: ALL DIFFICULTIES –

New rank quest
You can now play “Strip twenty-one” with Yuna, Anna, Mara and Maria.
Stats: Intelligence and charisma cap is now 50.
Added paintings related to the anniversary achievements.
4 new achievements.

– New content available: HARD MODE –
Added new perks in the bravery shop:

Alina: Pose part 1-2
Myra: Pose part 1-2
Maria: Pose part 1-2
Paintings: Lisapi (a total of 10)
4 new achievements


Added new paintings of Yuna, Anna, and Mara (hard mode).


Added new pictures of Yuna, Alina, Tali, and Lisapi.


Mara and Maria can now get pregnant.

General changes

From now on, if you know a girl’s birthday, on her birthday you get extra experience points in her stats (shown as a buff).
You can now sleep with girls in their pyjamas if you have unlocked said outfit (winter event).
General optimisation in the code of the pictures (MC’s room)
Hard mode: “Brave Heart” is no longer available in the shop. In order to be more visible (accessible), it has been moved. Now you can find a new option about it when you talk to Enya.

Bug fixes

All found and reported.
Rating: 8.2/10
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