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Lunar’s Chosen [Android]

Possessing divine powers certainly comes with its advantages, but for a god, existence can often be solitary and monotonous. Some of these omnipotent beings take pleasure in forging new universes, while others engage in celestial conflicts, their clashes resulting in the annihilation of entire star systems.

There is, however, a goddess of creation who has sought out a more nuanced pastime. As she vigilantly oversees the thriving planet that she has imbued with vitality, she witnesses a chain of events unfold. A young man, cast from the comfort of his familial abode, finds refuge with Katie, his dearest companion. Unbeknownst to him, this turn of fate is merely the beginning of a remarkable transformation that will steer his life onto an unforeseen trajectory.
This narrative unravels the journey of the latest beneficiary of the goddess's benevolence, whom she anticipates will bring her as much joy as her past favorites.

This narrative is brought to life in an open-world game built with Ren'py, inviting players to traverse expansive environments and engage with a cast of distinctive characters, each with their own intriguing tales awaiting discovery.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.26)
– 12 New story scenes
– New location: cinema!
– 9 New repeatable scenes
– 3 New secret images
– Ability to toggle on/off naming saves (Default is off, can be found on the preferences menu)
– Remade Claire’s footjob repeatable scene with new animations.
– Added the final scene!
– Fixed a whole bunch of typos!
Rating: 8.8/10
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