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Luke’s Way [Android]

"Luke's Way narrates the tale of Luke, an individual in pursuit of enhanced career opportunities and an improved lifestyle, who relocates to a new metropolis. He secures employment at a firm known as L.P., which promises to be transformative for his future. Upon commencement of his role, he is warmly received with a party that unexpectedly escalates into an enormous orgy.

In a matter of days, his manager confesses her initial attraction to Luke and they commence a romance. She extends an offer for him to assume a more significant position within the company, coupled with the liberty to engage in dalliances with other women."

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.35B)
– Meeting Raquel’s mom. Luke can choose if he like’s her or not. Planned routes with her are: Normal intimate relationship, cuckolding her boyfriend or swinging (there will be choices about this route)
– Dinner date with Krysten or Michelle. If you’re in relationship with Krysten, you get dinner date with her, otherwise you get dinner date with Michelle.
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