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Lord King [Android]

"Lord King" is a post-apocalyptic visual novel that seamlessly integrates strategic gameplay elements. Within this enthralling narrative, you will encounter 13 uniquely crafted female characters, with the promise of even more to join the ranks. Each character is designed with distinctive personality traits and attitudes, contributing to a rich and varied in-game dynamic. As the player, you are given the opportunity to 'recruit' these characters into your harem.

Each character is a distinct individual with her own approach to interacting with you, the protagonist. As you form bonds and cultivate romantic relationships with the characters you are drawn to, the storyline progresses. Your choices and affections may eventually lead you to select one to become your wife-queen.

The plot unfolds in a desolate, post-apocalyptic world where the majority of the human population has been decimated. Survivors live in fear of the "taint," a lethal disease that kills or mutates its victims. Our story centers around one of the few largely intact urban remnants, a city encircled by the perilous radioactive wastelands.

Our protagonist emerges from these desolate wastelands on a quest to rescue his tribe's women who have been captured and enslaved. By a twist of destiny, he takes on the leadership of a city district, along with the noble title of 'lord.' With this newfound authority, you are poised at a crossroads—will you leverage your power to liberate your tribeswomen, or will you strive for greater dominion and aspire to rule the entire city as its king?

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