Long Story Short – Unofficial Ren’Py Port [Android] Download

Long Story Short – Unofficial Ren’Py Port [Android]

v0.9a build 38
You'll be stepping into the shoes of a character who has always found it challenging to connect with the opposite sex. Preferring the company of computers over the complexities of personal interactions, you've avoided the intricacies of dating and romance.

But as the narrative unfolds, your character's world is set to shift dramatically, thanks largely to your best friend, Joe. Joe has undergone a personal transformation and is determined to coax you out of your digital hideaway into a world brimming with new experiences.

Among the first individuals you'll meet are Vanessa, Joe's girlfriend, and her introverted friend, Ann. The path you choose with these characters is in your hands. Will you cultivate a nurturing bond with the gentle and reserved Ann, or perhaps guide her down a less innocent path? Or might you dare to challenge the boundaries of friendship by attempting to woo Vanessa from Joe? The story is yours to shape.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9a build 38)
Version 0.9a build 37 – 2024-04-29
Rating: 8.7/10
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