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Long Story Short [Android]

In the game, you assume the role of a man who has never been particularly adept at connecting with women. You prefer dedicating your time to virtual experiences on your computer over navigating the complexities of real-life romantic connections. But as you delve deeper into the narrative, things start to shift.

Your best friend, Joe, has recently made a transformative decision in his own life and is determined to draw you out of your digital comfort zone into a fresh social arena. Early in your adventure, you'll meet several characters including Vanessa, Joe's girlfriend, and her reserved friend Ann. The game presents you with choices: will you foster a sweet, genuine connection with the timid Ann? Or perhaps lead her astray? You might even be tempted to challenge Joe for Vanessa's affections. The paths are multiple, and your decisions will shape your journey.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.2a0.3)
This version will include only one simple small animation. – If the lack of animations is a game-breaker for you, maybe you should wait for me to complete them.
There will only be partial content for Ann, and some of it might not be complete – the other alternative would have been to disable it altogether, which I didn’t prefer.

Bug fixes

Fixed – when clicking right click when on the settings screen before starting a game, causes a black screen.
Fixed – When you liked or commented on an image with additional images, it would jump back to the start.
Fixed – On V0.7 Ann’s house scene, wrong renders were shown (Ann with outfit instead of normal clothes).
Fixed – A small jump (in resolution) that had occurred when an animation started playing


*Important* – Some people have their saves in the wrong folder path. When starting the new alpha, the old saves will be moved to the correct folder. If you then try to load the old version (V0.7) your saves will be empty. unless you copy them manually to the old path (find it by clicking alt and “Open saves folder”)
Lowered the requirements in order to have Ann trying out the outfit on the love path.
Clicking on the load save header will now allow Jump to page.
New Folder mechanism – Will allow you to open a category with your chosen name and save the game to that specific folder. Old saves will be in “Default”
Added small animation at the start of the game when Vanessa comes to visit (crossing her legs)
Added new reward animation for the coffee shop – blackmail scene – it was previously a single render.
Rerendered the images Joey shows you on his phone before meeting Vanessa
Rerendered the first meeting with Ann at the library
Changed the game’s font to a newer one
Added new questions for NTR players, (if you like the unexpected) it will trigger events that otherwise you could’ve avoided (like cheating behind your back and such) – it will take effect in the next version

v0.7 Final

Bug fixes

Overwriting existing saves will now update the date.
The underpass scene will now correctly trigger (previously skipped) on Vanessa + Ann corruption route.


Rerendered Vanessa/Mario and Customer/Vanessa coffee shop scenes – I and others realized she sometimes looks strange and ugly, so I’ve decided to rework those scenes (only visual change).
Proofread and dialogs changes by scooter the king!
If you corrupt Ann on Vanessa’s route, Vanessa will show up in the morning (V0.7), and then the photoshoot scene with Ann will happen.
Improved the performance of the save/load screen – it should now show saved images instantly when flipping through pages.
Can now hide the UI with the middle mouse button. (Was requested)
Added an option to open the images folder (accessing the menu by pressing the ALT key)

Changelogs that were posted in the beta

Added all routes except Joe’s rival – it will be added in the next update.
You are now able to corrupt Ann on Vanessa’s path.
Corrupting Ann is more clear now, and can be determined by a simple question at Joey’s birthday.
Changed some of Ann’s dialog on her corruption path so it will “feel” like it has more progression.
The game is now centered both horizontally and vertically and will look better on screens that are not 16/9.
Added a trash icon to delete saves. (The feature was requested on Discord).
Added shake effect.


Fixed a bug where the right arrow of the phone sometimes appeared on top of the menu.
Joe’s rival scene with Ann was triggered for Ann’s hate route when it should’ve been only for the Love route.
Rolling back after a transition image will skip the fade effect.
Animations will now start from the beginning when rolling back and forth.
Optimizations and minor bug fixes.

Note: Rewatch scenes (gallery) for 0.7 content is not yet in the game. The scenes are there, but they’re not being saved to the gallery.
This Alpha version focuses on Ann’s growth (with a hint of Jenny). Vanessa’s path is not in this version.
On Ann’s corruption

A photoshoot storyline with Ann, the MC, and (avoidable) friends. Multiple scenes (around one in-game day). 1 scene in MC room, 3 outdoors. Both SHARING and non-SHARING
The audition storyline continues! Multiple scenes (around one in-game day). contains Both NTR and non-NTR. Included scenes:
Audition practice with either MC or a friend.
Audition with either MC or an actor.
Post audition scene (depends on audition performance).
A movie night with Ann, MC, and Chris – NTR route only scene. However, it can be played as non-NTR.
A date with Jenny!
Animations!!! ~340 renders and 25 animations added to different scenes in the game.

General Framework

Refreshed some game UI (mainly dialogue box) to make it appear cleaner and more minimal. New fonts as well.
Phone messages (SMS) accessible anytime the phone is accessible (opposed to only in scripted scenarios).
Shake effects! Added for appropriate scenes across the game.
The zoom image feature from the SMS UI is now available in the mobile Insta as well. Zoom Insta images when on mobile UI.
Introduced a new UI for selecting images in the mobile phone has been added. This UI will be used again when fit.
Rating: 9.1/10
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  1. April 29, 2023 at 8:16 am

    oh boy, another groundbreaking neckbeard simulator where the closest you get to touching grass is accidentally clicking outside the game window. 10/10 for teaching me how to ruin friendships from my mom’s basement

  2. November 11, 2022 at 10:29 pm

    Lemme just vent real quick. This NTR crap is ridiculous! Why the heck do devs think we wanna play as some sleazebag trying to snake his best friend’s girl? Like no, man. Just no. I want epic tales or wholesome romance, not this backstabbing garbage. And poor Ann, the shy character trope getting corrupted or stolen away? Gimme a break. It’s cheap, it’s low, and it ruins characters I might actually care about. It’s a hard pass from me, folks. Ain’t nobody got time for these kinda trust issues in a game