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Long Road Home [Android]

v10.1 Part 3
"Long Road Home" chronicles the tale of a man who, while liberated from the confines of a physical cell, remains shackled by the memories of his past. As he endeavors to mend the emptiness left by the life he once knew before his incarceration, he finds himself caught between two feuding motorcycle gangs. The narrative explores whether joining one of these gangs could compensate for the family he's missed. It delves into whether he will undertake the challenges necessary to be welcomed into their fold.

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Project QT
Changelog (v10.1 Part 3)
v10.1 Part 3
10 Part 3 stats,
1148 still images
84 Animations/loops (8,000+ animation slides)
12,000+ lines of code and text
4 Major story events
4 side events
Willow has a big event with choices that could impact her and MC’s future.
Larisa has a small event for her first-time dancing at the Fox Box.
Angelica has a small event at the Fox Box.
Rachael fans will rejoice. Our favorite ginger has a large event with choices that will impact other side stories.
Stan will send MC on a run to pick up an envelope for him. That will put in motion a long multi-faceted event. MC meets an old friend from his time I the service. MC also will meet several new characters that will have side stories in Chapter two. It also will give you choices as to how the war with the Minions plays out.
You may notice that the number of animations changed from the previous update. I pushed those scenes to Episode 10 part 4. I did that because I shifted the sequence of events in the main story.
Rating: 8.6/10
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