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Life In Middle East [Android]

Banu is an embodiment of grace and propriety, navigating life in the Middle East. Blessed with a heart capable of profound love, she found herself swept up in a youthful romance that led to an early marriage. Tragically, the bliss was short-lived as her first husband perished in a car accident, leaving behind a daughter for Banu to cherish. The shadow of loss hung over her for two years until new love gently knocked on her door. She entered into matrimony once more with a man whose affection for her was boundless, though her heart remained partly ensconced in the past, unable to fully reciprocate his love.

In the gentle silence of her soul, Banu yearns to unleash the full spectrum of her love toward the man by her side. Yet, the path forward is veiled in uncertainty. Will she embrace the future and love wholly once more, or will the echo of lost love lead her astray? Banu's future is not yet written, and it is you who will steer her course.

"Life in the Middle East"

Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.8)

338 new images
7 new animations
5 new gallery scenes
sound and music effects
development in all routes


367 new renders
8 new different routes
story development in 8 routes
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