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Life Happened [Android]

Once upon a time, I forged a pact with darkness itself. I sought an edge—a "boost," if you will. Alas, dealings with the infernal are fraught with peril. My particular demon grew envious, stripping me of all I held dear. One might think I'd have taken the lesson to heart, but old habits die hard, and I am but a man.

In time, I found myself bargaining again, albeit with another fiend. Strange twists of fate, I suppose. This arrangement was straightforward: achieve my desires, vanquish the spiteful demon from before, and depart empty-handed. Simple, right? Little did I know, simplicity is a rarity in our complex existence.

I am Marco Scozzari, thirty-six years young and the mastermind behind the Scozzari Group—to the outside world, that is. But my true endeavor? To unleash vengeance upon my adversaries and contend with the demon that haunts me.

Step into "Life Happened," a narrative-driven odyssey through passion, desire, envy, guile, and treachery. Every choice bears weight, and things are seldom as they seem.

Can you be a beacon of stability in the pandemonium, or will you embody the turmoil?

This experience remains in alpha testing, with potential restarts required upon each update due to ongoing code refinement. Engage with caution.

Disclaimer: The game contains mature subject matter.

Note: Some content may be skippable, including transgender-related elements.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.3)
This update is focused on merging Danna’s love and lust routes. It also brings the conclusion of the second meeting with Sebastian for the exhibitionism and tainted love routes.
We will also know a bit more about Shorty’s past and her relationship with the main character.
New renders: 190;
New Sound effects: a lot;
New songs: 5;
New animations: 1 (About 1311 renders used to create it);
About 8000 new lines of code written or rewritten;
Included an option at the beginning of the game for returning players with broken saves. In that option, the players get to forge their character, set the game’s rules by enabling or disabling stuff, and choose their play-through;
I did some tweaking on the zoom effect, making it a lot less intense;
Also, I did some tweaking on the between-scenes transition code to make them faster (Downed them to about 1 second. I didn’t go any further because I can’t live without the dissolve effect in my transitions);
Text improvement in some of the text from previous updates and a lot on this update’s text. Thanks, Tribe!
Rating: 8.8/10
338 votes
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