Lab Rats 2 [Android]

The game takes place shortly after the conclusion of Lab Rats 1; however, prior knowledge of the first game is not necessary to appreciate this one. Players will concentrate on the moral decline of female employees while expanding a pharmaceutical conglomerate. There will be randomly generated characters, an intricate system for clothing and outfits, and an advanced sexual interaction framework.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.51.1)
– Refactored random_lists.rpy file to more accurately break up contents.
– Lists of names (first, last, male) are now class variables of the Person class.
– Key characters are now defined inside world_setup_characters.rpy
– Storyline character setup code refactored to be more clear.
– Character height refactored to be more internally consistent.
– Character height now described in feet/inches inside of the character details screen.
– Possible character opinion lists (normal and sexy) are stored as class variables inside of Person.
– Updated “Classical”, “Punk”, and “Pop” opinions to include “music” so they read more clearly inside of lists.
– Functions to check/compare breast sizes are now class functions of Person.
– Added several breast comparison functions (including checks for huge/tiny breasts, getting breasts by weight, etc.)
– Updated all existing calls to those breast comparisons to comply with the new interface.
– Hair colour functions are now class functions of Person.
– Eye colour functions are now class functions of Person.
– Refactored how random characters are generated. Should result in much more logically generated applicants when stacking recruitment requirements.
– Added new InstaPic/OnlyFanatics content for Jennifer.
– Jennifer’s InstaPic content begins after she has helped you twice. Results in her making an InstaPic account.
– Second phase of Jennifer’s new story content begins a few days after you have convinced her and Lily to take topless shots twice. Results in her making an OnlyFanatics account.
– Added event for helping Jennifer with her OnlyFanatics account; includes multiple branches.
– Added new event for Lily after you have helped Jennifer with her OnlyFanatics account. Results in her making an OnlyFanatics account.
– Added alternative triggers for all of the new events for situations where either character already has an InstaPic/OnlyFanatics account from other events/special training options.
– Levels of sex skill reduce energy cost from sex by 5% per level (truncated to integer value).
– Position class now responsible for calculating effective energy costs for both parties.
– Breast milk based serums now stack properly for identical designs.
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