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Knightly Passions [Android]

v1.03 Steam Gold
What could possibly surpass the classic escapades of a valiant hunter navigating the unforgiving realm of the medieval era?
Naturally, it's the forays into a realm filled with enchantment! Our protagonist will confront a myriad of daunting challenges including formidable beasts, wicked mages, tyrannous nobility, and nefarious sell-swords, as he embarks on a quest to find his missing sister – a mere glimpse of the perils that await.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.03 Steam Gold)
– Added two difficulty modes, “Adventure” and “Tactical.” It’s important to note that in Tactical mode, you can’t skip minigames and the game is a little more difficult.
– Added three tiers to combat skill cards. You can spend Renown Points to upgrade skill cards in the place of power near the cave.
– Added new hunting contracts. There are now 10 of them in total.
– Added new trophies to the arms trader’s house.
– In certain locations, items that can be picked up have appeared (flowers and gold coins).
– Replaced the farewell screen with credits.
– Expanded the game’s ending.
– Revamped the skill system. Skills must now be unlocked before they can be leveled up.
– Added a new 18+ scene with the maidservant.
– Implemented potion crafting with Mirina.
– Added the Wandering Trader to the tavern. He’ll show up in the tavern after you complete any 13 quests. From him, you can purchase: 1 book to unlock a new combat skill card, 3 books that grant you additional skill points, an artifact that will help you locate all of the hidden chests, and various pieces of jewelry.
– Added new loot drops from defeated monsters.
– The arm’s traders inventory now updates every day. You’re unlikely to be able to buy back anything you’ve sold her if it’s no longer the same day you sold it to her.
– Revamped the design of the QTE minigame buttons.
– Added new gear (there are now 8 tiers of weapons and 6 tiers of armor). The highest-tier equipment is mostly scattered across various quests and chests.
– Updated blacksmith crafting recipes.
– Globally rebalanced items, trading, combat, etc.
– Fixed many old bugs and added some new ones.
– And much more.
Rating: 9.5/10
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