Killigan’s Treasure [Android] Download

Killigan’s Treasure [Android]

In the mythical realm of Canavar, you embody the role of Killigan Stoneworth, a bull-like barbarian on a resolute mission to pursue the trail of a magical treasure map across diverse terrains. Throughout his journey, Killigan encounters a host of allies who band together with him in the pursuit of incalculable wealth. These fellow adventurers have the potential to develop into more than mere comrades, should you choose to deepen their bonds.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.42)
Hey y’all!
Still slightly on the shorter side, but this build finally caps off Day 5 of Spiceport! Additionally, there’s a new area that’s now possible to visit on the map, from last month’s content. You’ll have to load up an earlier save to access it, but I wonder who could be waiting there…?
Also, thanks so much for all the hype and support y’all have shown for Sex Drive so far! We’re super excited to get a demo in player hands as soon as possible, but it’s gonna be just a liiiittle bit longer. Stay tuned for more info!
Anyway, hope y’all enjoy this month’s build!
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