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Isekai Awakening [Android]

v1.035 Public
In the narrative, you assume the identity of a young hero, chosen by the Seductive Enchantress to subjugate the women within the village. Your quest entails combating the Malevolent Sorceress, defeating her, and ascending to the throne as the new ruler.

Project QT
Changelog (v1.035 Public)
Added Song Of Lust at level 3
Added Song of Trust at Level 4 Mage, Can be unlocked in Song book
Soul Recall can be only done on Battle Map
Soul Recall, X-ray, Music Notes require Stamina now.
Added new Sex scene with Mage Tentacles(Extreme Content)
Added Revive Potion for Dead Souls, can be used during battle
New Text event Rera Meeting Marie
Added Zoom in to hovered souls in Soul Manager
Fixed Text in Learning Phase Music Notes
Song of Lust Effect on Rika, Mio Haruka, Hana
Song of Trust Effect on Rika Mio, Haruka, Hana, text event for Marie
Song of Lust/Trust can be used only once in a day on 1 girl
Added Repeat sex and Cum on Map after Repeat Sex for Mage(Extreme Content)
Fixed Rika and Hana Pregnancy X-ray Issue showing pregnant baby when only deflowered
Texts in multiple parts changed by a new writer
Rating: 7.1/10
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