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Innocence or Money [Android]

S1 Remaster
Jennifer stands at the heart of the narrative, embodying the essence of purity and hailing from the quaint hamlet of Greensdale. Her life, thus far untouched by the urban sprawl, leaves her unprepared for the myriad experiences that the city has in store. As she steps into this new world, she is met with challenges unforeseen, and it falls upon you to guide her through them. Your influence will shape her journey - will you nurture her diligence and integrity? Or will you steer her towards a shadowy path, unveiling the depths of a complex world? Jennifer's destiny rests in your hands.

The choices you make extend beyond Jennifer, influencing the fabric of her surroundings. With the power you wield, ask yourself: will you be the architect of corruption, spreading it to those in Jennifer's circle, or will you uphold a beacon of positivity? Your decisions carry weight, altering the course of Jennifer's story and the lives that intertwine with hers.

Project QT
Changelog (S1 Remaster)
+ Available now in 30 Languages
+ More than 100 new animations
+ More than 100 new images
+ New and improved sounds
+ All the hot scenes now have sounds
+ All the animations have been
remastered to 4K quality / 60fps
+ Improved writing
Rating: 9.2/10
69 votes
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