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Hustle Town [Android]

The game unfolds in a quaint European town where your uncle, once a prominent figure, has settled into retirement. Although he has sold off most of his assets, he still maintains ownership of a café and a hostel, which means you enjoy the perks of complimentary meals and lodging. The game is aptly named "Hustle" because you start with virtually no money and a strong aversion to traditional work. Your limited funds only stretch so far as to occasionally afford you a joint and a beer. Consequently, you must strategize and charm your way to obtain anything else you need.

Throughout the game, you encounter various women, and the only way to win their affections is by assisting them in some form. This could involve procuring certain items, fulfilling requests, or performing tasks — all achieved through hustling. Each item you seek, however, belongs to someone else who, in turn, expects something in return. This sets off a chain of bartering that grows increasingly complex as you progress through the game.

Each installment of the game is a standalone chapter that feeds into the subsequent one. Although the overarching narrative advances, the choices and routes you take affect only the current chapter. There's no losing or failing in the traditional sense; if you don't meet the objectives, you simply won't conclude the chapter. The exception is that completing a chapter is essential to advance in the next one. Without finishing the preceding chapter, a crucial element will be missing, effectively blocking progress in the following chapter when you attempt to play it.

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