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Hot Sand of Antarctica [Android]

Due to the swift thawing of the glaciers and permafrost in Siberia, a massive surge of methane was released into the atmosphere, triggering a catastrophic spike in global temperatures. Within a few years, Antarctica became the sole refuge for the remnants of humanity as nations and economies collapsed, pushing human civilization to the brink of oblivion. Amidst the ensuing anarchy, ruthless leaders of criminal factions, known as "bosses," seized control through fear and force. They imposed their own barbaric rules, devoid of compassion and fairness, within their domains.

Your protagonist is a battle-hardened fighter, the most trusted lieutenant of the dominant boss known as the Mongol. His duties are to guard the borders of Mongol's domain, eliminate foes like scouts and infiltrators, and oversee various military campaigns. As a mark of Mongol's favor, your character is privileged to have two wives, one of whom has given birth to twin daughters.

The game boasts high-definition graphics, engaging animations, immersive sounds, and a compelling musical score.

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