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Healslut [Android]

When you seize the chance to become a beta tester for Powerful Order Online's exciting new expansion, the immensely popular MMORPG, you discover that you're assigned a very peculiar and seemingly exclusive class known as Healslut. Now, you're faced with figuring out how to navigate the abilities and repercussions that come with this role.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.92A)

Extended the main story up to the point of Sparkle’s “final” choice (and a little beyond)
Literally hundreds of sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion
Changed the rain effect to seem more realistic (hopefully)
Becoming Leigh’s “Valet” now properly precludes Sparkle from becoming Lel’s Familiar (these routes are mutually exclusive)
Adjusted some logic so that the looter role would be prioritized above “roleless” content
Completely restructured the pre-dinner talk with Roopah to fix variable collision (Roopah shouldn’t assert illogical/incorrect things anymore)
As a result of the above, the logic has been fixed so that Roopah will make her dinner request in most situations
Added Familiar Sparkle to the Shapechange option list in the options menu
Updated the credits


Sparkle would get gagged before she received the gag
Sparkle would suddenly become a giant when given the nudist collar
Lel’s nipple rings were floating
Removed stray guidelines accidentally left on some renders
Ooyum’s spell on the ship was missing some images
Adding missing sound effects to the bandit orgy route
The bandit orgy route wouldn’t allow the Kayden Mindfuck sequence to be skipped
Sparkle couldn’t tell Roopah that she would ask Panki about messing around unless she was a futa
Guidance would come up every time before making a decision talking to drunk Kayden
Guidance would come up every time before Sparkle served someone at the ship dinner
Guidance would cause the choice to tell Kayden about the teleport ability to pop up randomly
Sparkle would get insta-dressed when talking to Wejit after returning to the game
Several instances of Sparkle being hidden by her companion
Panki would excuse herself from conversation repeatedly
Leigh wearing the incorrect outfit for the Gonewobble registration
Missing logic on skipping code for handling the fish-get quest
Rating: 8.4/10
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