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Healslut [Android]

When you seize the chance to become a beta tester for Powerful Order Online's exciting new expansion, the immensely popular MMORPG, you discover that you're assigned a very peculiar and seemingly exclusive class known as Healslut. Now, you're faced with figuring out how to navigate the abilities and repercussions that come with this role.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.85N)

The bandit camp smorgy will be fixed soon in a miniupdate – I’m working on it right now!
The sexytimes with Fwawr needs a more work (particularly for Futa Sparkle) and it will be in the miniupdate too


An agreeable/eager Sparkle/Sushi will now put in a little work to ‘distract’ the bandit in Underwell
A possible encounter with fellow Human Fwawr in a steamy realm (requires Fwawr’s Undies outfit & teleporting the Pixie Powder for the fish-get quest)
Placeholder scenes for the bandit camp smorgy are in and should probably just be ignored (sorry)
Roopah will now appropriately force free use if she is making Sparkle’s decisions and they are not in a relationship
The missing sprite for Sparkle being annoyed while in Pez’s dress has been added
Images for baby transfer between Pez and Sparkle or Pez and Gaggie Spitz have been fixed
Gaggie and Hamhead no longer mention the investigation if Sparkle isn’t investigating
Fairy Sparkle refers to herself as a Fairy and Nymph Sparkle refers to herself as a Nymph now
Sparkle now references not being a slime anymore instead of missing her gear when returning to the game after “death”
Sparkle mentioning “never having a roommate/sleeping with anyone” doesn’t repeat itself anymore
Lel no longer appears in the customs office if Sparkle is there with someone else
Simon/Simone now talks about being in the common room instead of Kayden’s room if that’s the case
Nymph Grit / Fairy Dust / Pixie Powder is now all mentioned correctly
Roopah will no longer mention her pubes if Sparkle hasn’t seen them
The Greater Demoness now refers to Sparkle correctly if she is a pink Slimegirl
Wejit no longer shows up in two random places if Ooyum is Sparkle’s companion
Sleeping in the common room no longer causes Sparkle to wake up in Kayden’s room in odd instances
A tonne of typos and text inconsistencies corrected thanks to a very very helpful TFGames site member
Rating: 8.4/10
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