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Hard To Love [Android]

A brush with death often prompts people to reflect on their life, conjuring up their most cherished and joyful memories. This is true for the protagonist, who is flooded with recollections of his first love—the brightest moment of his life. With fresh emotional scars yet to mend, the main character is compelled to return to the home of his upbringing, a place marred by a dysfunctional family dynamic. Trapped in this familiar yet distressing environment, he confronts the ghosts of his past and current struggles, leading him to ponder the enigma of love. He questions why the woman he adored left him and their child. Did she truly love him? Is she still out there, remembering him? He contemplates whether he should seek a fresh start with someone new—perhaps a woman he's long admired, a comrade, a friend, or someone completely unexpected. Or should he dedicate his life to raising his daughter the right way? Join the protagonist as he embarks on a journey of discovery and rectification, attempting to unravel mysteries and correct past errors while navigating the complexities of his love life and striving to safeguard his daughter in "Hard to Love."

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.05)
– Added 743 new renders
– Added 35 new sound effects (SFX)
– Added 32 new background music tracks (BGM)
– Added 16 new animations
– Added a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the game
– Added the option for players to name their save games
– Added the option to show notifications (may break immersion)
– Added the option to show the quick menu
– Added new hints in the mini-chat on the cellphone to know when to type
– Added new transitions
– Added a standardized opening for each episode
– Added a custom confirm screen
– Created a tutorial to explain the new GUI
– Changed the way the game distributes points
– Changed the way the game manages audio
– Changed the way the mini-chat on the cellphone works
– Changed the colors and internal dimensions of the mini-chat on the cellphone
– Changed the appearance and programming of the tooltip
– Changed the way the player knows if a character speaks, thinks or shouts
– Modified the savescreen
– Fixed a bug where data would not save after closing the game
– Corrected some typos detected during testing
– Corrected some calls that did not display scenes with excessive brightness correctly
– Updated the chroma code
Rating: 8.8/10
195 votes
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