Hard Days [Android] Download

Hard Days [Android]

The lockdown has begun, and Loren—a joyfully wedded but increasingly sexually frustrated woman—is experiencing a challenging phase in her intimacy. The constant seclusion of being home-bound only intensifies her desires. Complicating matters, her in-laws reside right next door, adding a layer of caution to her predicament. To add intrigue, a new enigma of a neighbor has arrived, accompanied by his alluring spouse. Embark on this journey with Loren as she navigates the turbulent waves of her burgeoning passions. Amidst these trying times, prepare for a whirlwind of deceit, betrayal, unexpected turns, and above all, an abundance of steamy encounters.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.5)
– Morning of Day 4!
– Normal, compressed and android version!
– 225 new renders, around 1.180 renders in total!
– 23 new animations for the morning of day 4 only, for a total of 55 animations!
– Added music and sounds in all chapters!
– English translation corrected by “Bouli” in all chapters! (Thanks a lot for the help)
– Some adjustments in the lust system (still in testing)!
Rating: 7.6/10
63 votes
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