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Gunpowder Cocktail [Android]

Ch.1 Steam
Discovering a bag brimming with $500,000 would be incredibly alluring for a young man deserted by his father, especially if his family struggles financially. Yet, should he come into possession of this sum, would his life truly unfold as wonderfully as he envisages?

The game features a sandbox mechanism; however, I've integrated a straightforward hint system to ensure a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience. Rest assured on this front.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.1)
-Cheat Code System added. *If you edit the Relationships to your liking using the cheat code, some dialogs will proceed differently (no new renders).
-Hidden Cards( Special Renders ) added.
-6 New Hidden Cards.
-Some UI Improvements.
-Loading Screen.
-Better file compression( total game size reduced from 3.65GB to 2.68GB, without quality loss ).
-Some new Free Roam scenes( read the in-game changelog to find out what’s added ): –>18 Renders –> 2 Animations ( ≈363 Frames ) v0.4.0 -930 New Renders.
-7 Animations.
-Clothes will no longer look like they’re stuck on the characters.
-Some realtime cum animations (still working on it so I will make it better).
Rating: 8.7/10
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