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Goodbye Eternity [Android]

Consider the possibility of being granted a fresh opportunity in life. Imagine the ability to create a life superior to the prolonged periods of suffering and torment you've endured. Envision having the means to exact retribution on everyone who has caused you harm and finally attaining everything you've ever longed for. Now, picture yourself awakening in a younger version of your body, three decades earlier in time. The decision of how to proceed is entirely in your hands.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.1)
**Important information**: new games that were started with 0.8.0 are broken. Please do not use them. Saves that started from an 0.7.X or earlier version are fine.
## Bugfix
– Fixed Noriko storyline starting when Sakuya’s was not completed
– New facial expression names were not translated within the sprite gallery
– Some CGs were not unlocked after finishing Noriko’s maledom storyline
– Hidden stashes were not collectible in the new areas
– Fixed Noriko’s background sprite being displayed during a certain sequence of the new storyline
Rating: 8.8/10
551 votes
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