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Genex Love [Android]

In a realm teeming with individuals bestowed with extraordinary talents, you embody a young lad whose heart's aspiration has been to ascend to the ranks of a Hero. Unfortunately, you are devoid of any such powers. However, a significant transformation looms on the horizon with the emergence of your “Genex.”

Set forth on the thrilling quest of "Becoming a Hero” (or perhaps tread the path of an Antihero?). Concurrently, you will unravel the mysteries surrounding your unique "ability", explore the intricacies of romance with enchanting companions, navigate the challenges of academia, and perhaps even encounter more unexpected adventures.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.0)
– Fixed Hanah study event (good and evil choices)
– Fixed Ayane event (good and evil choices)
– Fear Branch begins. (MC will have from time to time the option to inflict fear on the girls to get something extra, this is not “bad” but will go hand by hand with the evil route. Yet again, you can have some fear choices, and still go for the true love route for the girl).
BUGS FIXED I fixed some, but I forgot to take note.
MISC – Added Lynx Replays Update contains: Images: +1700 Animations: +30 Sexy moments: 11/13 Perv Moments (Moments that could be tagged as sexy or sexual depending your taste): 4/6 Sexual Moments (Moments with some sort of orgasm or sexual act): 3/5 Average gameplay length: 2hs Game Overall: Game estimated length: +8hs (+85.000 words + 5500 images + 75 animations)
Rating: 9.2/10
60 votes
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