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Futariuum’s Gate [Android]

Maya is going through a particularly tough time, with her social anxiety intensifying and her academic performance in college declining, all while she's stuck in a cycle of fruitless self-gratification. Just when she believes things couldn't possibly get any worse, an astonishing revelation comes her way. She discovers her extraordinary fate: she is destined to become a celestial warrior, destined to combat the demonic forces that threaten the earthly realm. Armed with her magical prowess, which happens to manifest in her extraordinary physical attribute, Maya is set to embark on a transformative journey. This adventure will not only challenge her but also enable her to explore her mental well-being, personal growth, and experience intensified romantic encounters, all while interacting with a variety of intriguing characters.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.30)
– 16 new CGs depicting lewd content for you to have a gander at and enjoy.
– Around 16,000 words of new character and story driven content continuing Maya’s Journey.
– The implementation of Maya’s Sphere as a feature, which will allow you connect with characters to unlock new relationships and spicy events. The first three events are included, focusing on Laura, Nicole and our new character Amanda.
– One new character – Amanda – who gets an introduction and her own events in Maya’s Sphere.
– Updated and improved portraits for Maya, Nicole and Laura, with better lighting and sharper detail.
– A full overhaul of the game’s UI and graphic design, including a new logo, text box, dialogue option boxes, labels, world navigation elements and more.
– 3 new backgrounds which will set the stage for current and future events: The Police Station, Amanda’s Office and the laundry room of Maya’s house.
– Improvements to internal code to make things smoother, more efficient and more stable.
Rating: 7.8/10
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