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Futa Quest [Android]

For quite some time, things had been spiraling downward for a youthful educator named Roxy, all due to her tarnished image.

As a futanari endowed with a vigorous libido, Roxy frequently sought relief from her sexual tensions with her young female pupils. However, the situation took a damning turn when she was discovered in a sexual liaison with the director’s daughter.

Left with no other choice, Roxy hastily collected her belongings and made a swift departure from the institution to avoid further consequences.

Just when her circumstances seemed dire, fortune smiled upon her; she received an unexpected call from a prestigious agency offering her a unique position.

You can imagine her elation upon learning that she was to be employed at an exclusive camp catering to daughters of exceedingly affluent and influential families. Her mission: to prepare these young women for the complexities of adulthood and sexuality and to specifically impregnate the three wealthiest among them with her progeny.

The task appeared deceptively straightforward to Roxy, yet she would soon discover the camp's stringent regulations posed significant challenges, rendering her objective anything but effortless.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.95)
And a whole bunch of other minor changes that aren’t as important as all of the above.
Differences from the test version.
Fixed all the bugs we were able to find with the help of concerned players (there were even more of them than we initially thought).
Added actual memory room.
Added walkthrough.
Rating: 7.3/10
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