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Forbidden Passion [Android]

"Forbidden Passion" unfolds the tale of a young man cast out from his home, now navigating the tumultuous currents of his life while shouldering the responsibility for the woman and loved ones he cherishes most. Confronted with adversity, will he be overwhelmed by his dire circumstances or muster the strength to overcome? The power of decision rests exclusively in your hands.

Gameplay Dynamics:
Your decisions will sculpt the journey you embark on. Should your interest lie solely in one girl, the game accommodates a path where the protagonist does not need to engage in sexual interactions with others.

Character Profiles:
You can personalize the primary male protagonist by choosing his name. The narrative features various female characters, each endowed with unique idiosyncrasies and personal histories.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.11.0)
– Around +250 new renders
– Around +100 remade renders
– 3 and 1/2 new animations
– 8 remade animations
– Word count surpasses 59000 words
– Added Textbox opacity slider
– If you got issues with the script, restart the game. There is currently nothing I can do about it until I find a solution.
– There is some other bugs that showed up where the textbox moves towards a centered word. It’s not a big deal but currently I don’t really know what to do about it. Anyone with some knowledge on renpy, contact me on discord. Also don’t get too excited when you see the scene replay. I still have to properly implement it. I just had no time to do it.
Rating: 7.4/10
15 votes
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