Fates: Determination [Android]

'Fates: Determination' is a serialized adult visual novel that features a compelling narrative, breathtaking graphics, fully animated mature scenes, and an original licensed soundtrack.

In 'Fates,' you immerse yourself in the roles of Jake and Amy. Jake appears to be an ordinary college student until he discovers his extraordinary abilities. Amy, on the other hand, is an operative for a covert government agency tasked with tracking down individuals with powers like Jake's. The game allows you to alternate between their stories, providing a dual perspective on the unfolding saga.

Prepare yourself for an enthralling journey packed with mystery and unpredictable turns, peppered with a generous amount of sensual encounters. Each choice you make influences the climax of the tale. Can you navigate the destinies of Jake and Amy to a fulfilling conclusion?

'Fates: Determination' Official

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Rating: 9/10
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