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Fairy Fixer [Android]

"Fairy Fixer is an adult-oriented visual novel set in the world of Winx Club! Encounter numerous characters from the show, including Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna, as well as a host of additional personalities!

You play as a young man residing in the city of Magix, where you lead an ordinary life. However, one night, a cryptic force reaches out to you in your dreams, reminding you of your true calling in the world.
Discover your identity, unravel the mysteries of the magical dimensions, and enjoy some entertaining interactions with the girls while venturing through Magix and beyond."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.4)
– Added 3 new H-scenes
– Added 2 New characters: Mirtha and Riven
– Added casual clothes for Icy and Stormy
– Added a new combat mechanic
– Added a new feature to customize Bloom’s and Flora’s outfit
– Added 2 new outfits to buy for Bloom and Flora
– Added A new main story quest
– Changed the combat leveling mechanic
– Tweaked some values for damage and charge costs for certain attacks
– Fixed a bug where characters were getting displaced when skipping or rollbacking dialogue
– … And some other fixes in between 🙂
Rating: 9/10
151 votes
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