Eternal Hour: Golden Hour [Android]

"Eternal Hour begins as a day-in-the-life narrative centered on a somewhat ordinary but captivating young man named Yasu Fujimoto.

Yasu experienced a relatively tranquil adolescence in the care of his aunt. However, the steady passage of time brings change as Yasu and his companions near the conclusion of their high school journey. Plagued by the dread of fleeting time, Yasu grapples with the crushing weight of his own indecision and the perceived scantiness of his accomplishments to date.

Partaking in the Climber’s Club has been a cherished ritual for Yasu and his pals. In anticipation of their upcoming graduation, Katashi, the club's leader, proposes a celebratory challenge: to scale the storied Epoch Tower, an age-old stone spire.

Upon reaching the summit, Yasu is greeted with a serene sense of triumph, marking his first significant personal feat. But the tranquility is short-lived as he glimpses a figure.

A sudden hiss breaks his focus.

With sudden insight, Yasu recognizes the visage before him.

It is achingly familiar, yet it's the very last sight Yasu would wish to behold.

His own visage.

In a frantic attempt to descend, Yasu's footing fails, and he tumbles down the mountain's face. Upon regaining consciousness, he finds himself bestowed with a mysterious ability, a power he cannot initially comprehend, but which he will gradually come to embrace."

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Project QT
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  1. June 16, 2023 at 4:17 pm

    Yasu seeks peak performance and finds a peak predicament – talk about a graduation cliffhanger