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Erotica [Android]

Ep. 13
As a recent college graduate with time on your hands, you find yourself at a loose end. Your uncle George, a hermit of sorts, has decided it's time for a rejuvenating vacation and will be gone for several months. He proposes a simple gig for you—house-sit his home while he's away. Seizing the chance to make some money and bask in a fleeting stretch of carefree living, you accept. Although you spent time there as a child, you've lost touch with old acquaintances. However, upon nearing the town, you run into Riley, a familiar face from your youth, and quickly rekindle your friendship. Noticing she's in a bit of a rough patch, you offer her a place to stay in return for her guidance and introductions to her social circle. In no time, you meet her best friend, the free-spirited Lilly, her step-sister, the notorious Heather, and an array of others, each bringing their own narrative and distinct character to the mix.

Project QT
Changelog (Ep. 13)
For now the Android version is postponed until some time next week, I’m still trying to figure out a way of compressing the game even further so you can install it on your Android devices. Due to the large amount of files and animations, I cannot yet build a workable Android version. However, worst case scenario I can split it into two files and make it work that way but I’m still hoping that I can solve the issue by further compressing the files.
Episode 13 brings Chloe’s and Emma’s ending, you can access it if you have their side story line (Mystery Girl). If you don’t know how to access it check the earlier walkthroughs on how to start this side story. Not only that, but this Episode also brings main story line progression and slowly sets up the other endings that are coming in the next Episodes.
By now you have already chose your relationships and side stories, so the game takes you through them. Because of this the number of choices in the late game are reduced (No need to court anyone else) but the ones that are present are even more important.
So far we have 3 endings present with 4 more to go in the coming Episodes.
Rating: 8.7/10
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