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Elysion [Android]

EPISODE 5 v0.30
Set against the backdrop of Pandora City, our tale centers on a dashing yet divorced middle-aged man who juggles his time between running a dilapidated medical spa and navigating his tumultuous love life. Amidst this, he's entangled in a passionate relationship with his alluring, married assistant. Haunted by his former spouse, Bella's, string of betrayals, he has severed ties not only with her but also with Teresa, his adolescent daughter caught in the crossfire.

Bella's mysterious disappearance throws their lives into disarray. Teresa now resides with her Aunt Julia, Bella's attractive elder sister—a woman with whom our protagonist has also shared romantic moments. Overwhelmed by the loss of her mother, Teresa's behavior spirals into turmoil. Our protagonist grapples with the dual challenges of connecting with his distant daughter and saving his spa from financial ruin.

Complicating matters are the shadows of a vengeful arch-rival from the past and the dubious entanglements within a nefarious sex club he frequents. As questions arise about whether dark forces are at play in Bella's vanishing, our hero must confront whether these threads of chaos are interwoven. Your guidance is crucial in assisting our embattled protagonist to navigate through these waves of danger and disruption in both his personal and professional lives.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.30)
Episode 5 492 renders for episode 5
8 renders for episode 4 (Jess scene)
2 New animations (10 angle variations)
Revamped Jess scene
Rating: 9.1/10
236 votes
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