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Elfheim [Android]

Ch. 2 v0.1.6
Elfheim is an enchanting realm that surpasses even the most vivid imaginations. This land teems with elvish beings, enigmatic puzzles, and thrilling escapades awaiting at every turn. Yet, tread carefully, as this is no ordinary quest of conventional exploits—anticipate encounters to frequently take a risqué turn.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 2 v0.1.6)
# Art
– 6 new images, 4 brand new and 2 variations!!!
# Text
– More than 700 new words!
– The last image of the previous update had script changes to better connect with the new ones
Steam release of Elfheim – Chapter 1, version 1.0.2
We took a while to get here and we must thank each and every one of you!
Today I present to you the Steam version of Elfheim! For this release we have updated many artworks, got new additions to the soundtrack and to the dialogue!
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